Does global banking crisis affect performance of sector’s stocks? - Dailynewsegypt
The global economy witnessed more strong setbacks due to the Russian-Ukrainian war coinciding with the tightening policy adopted by the US Federal Reserve. This has led to an inflationary wave in most countries of the world, and these repercussions strongly affected global banks, as four banks declared bankruptcy in only three months. We have seen the dominos effect in action with the fall of several banks one after the other. It started with the Silicon Valley Bank, followed by Si
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New Valley has enormous tourism potentials: Governor   - Daily News Egypt
New Valley – The New Valley is one of the largest governorates in Egypt, that enjoys natural and human resources. The governorate has been blessed with the diversity of tourist activities which has become the most visited because of the recreation, purity and environmental places. New Valley G - 22/11/2022
Symposium held to foster understanding of key CPC congress - Daily News Egypt
Diplomatic envoys to China, think tank experts and journalists from nearly 80 countries exchanged their views on the guiding principles of the recently concluded 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) at a forum on Wednesday. The sy - 04/11/2022
Opinion|Will Charles be the last king of Britain? - Daily News Egypt
 Only a few days passed after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled Britain for 70 years, and then voices began to rise about the future of the monarchy in England. Indeed, the monarchy faces several challenges that cannot be underestimated at such - 23/09/2022
l'armée mise à contribution pour maîtriser la crise du pain
LE CAIRE (AFP) — Le président égyptien Hosni Moubarak a ordonné que l'armée soit mise à contribution pour faire face à la pénurie de pain et éviter une aggravation de la crise, rapporte lundi la presse égyptienne. M. Moubarak a demandé à l'armée et au ministère de l'Intérieur, qui contrôlent un g - 18/03/2008 01:36:22
CAN 2008 : La victoire de l’Egypte était très souhaitable
Une toute autre issue aurait été dommageable pour le continent africain au-delà même des considérations strictement footballistiques : la 26ème édition de la Coupe d’Afrique des Nations (CAN) remportée par l’Egypte a consacré une gestion de football qui devrait faire école jusque dans d’autres secte - 12/02/2008 12:30:08
Football: une CAN riche en buts sacre l'Egypte
Avec 99 buts marqués, l'édition 2008 de la Coupe d'Afrique des nations (CAN) qui s'est achevée dimanche au Ghana, a été agréable à regarder pour les amateurs de jeu offensif. L'exception qui confirme la règle a été la finale disputée dimanche, où l'Egypte a battu péniblement le Cameroun 1-0 pour - 12/02/2008 12:29:14
Five questions to Ahmed Khaled
(english & french versions)These last years, you have been very present in various exhibitions in Egypt, especially in Cairo. Do you think your paintings are representative of an Egyptian school of painting or are more widely involved in a major movement? Art has no nationality, any artis - 22/01/2006 17:01:15

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