Sinai is an inseparable part of Egypt's sacred land: Al-Sisi - Dailynewsegypt

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 : Sinai is an inseparable part of Egypt’s sacred land, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi said as he commemorated the 42nd anniversary of Sinai Liberation Day with a national address.

Celebrating the resilience and sacrifices of the Egyptian people and their armed forces. Speaking to the nation, President Al-Sisi recognised the significance of Sinai, underscoring its historical role as a battleground for the country’s sovereignty and security.

“The story of the Egyptian people’s struggle for Sinai is one of heroism, selflessness, perseverance, and an unshakeable commitment to the rights of this great homeland,” President Al-Sisi stated. 

He highlighted that the struggle to liberate Sinai had been long and arduous, requiring both military action and diplomacy. The president also praised the Egyptian armed forces, noting their crucial role in safeguarding the nation’s territorial integrity.

In his speech, Al-Sisi addressed the ongoing threats to the stability of Sinai, including terrorism. He reminded the Egyptian people of the ferocious battles fought against extremist groups and the sacrifices made by both military and police forces to maintain national security.

 “The Egyptian people bore a heavy burden, offering gracious martyrs from their valiant armed forces and civil police,” he remarked, acknowledging the high cost of protecting Sinai and the nation from the threat of terrorism.

The president then turned his focus to recent events in the region, specifically the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip. 

He reiterated Egypt’s firm stance against the forced displacement of Palestinians into Sinai, emphasising that such actions would be a threat to both the Palestinian cause and Egypt’s national security. 

“Egypt has categorically rejected any coerced displacement of the Palestinians from their land into Sinai or any other place,” he said, stressing that Egypt has consistently advocated for an immediate ceasefire and humanitarian aid into Gaza. 

Moreover, Al-Sisi also reaffirmed Egypt’s commitment to the establishment of an independent, sovereign Palestinian State as a pathway to regional peace and stability.

Finally, President Al-Sisi emphasised that the development of Sinai is now a sacred national duty, as essential as its liberation from aggression and terrorism. 

“Sinai is witnessing unprecedented efforts to achieve comprehensive development in health, education, infrastructure, and all elements of urbanisation, industry, and agriculture,” he declared, recognising the extensive work being done to transform the region and improve the quality of life for its residents.

As he concluded, Al-Sisi paid tribute to the martyrs who gave their lives for Egypt’s freedom and security. “A salutation and appreciation to Egypt’s righteous martyrs, the embodiment of generosity, selflessness, bravery, and heroism, and the icons of dignity and sacrifice,” he said, acknowledging the profound debt owed to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of their nation.

Article publié le jeudi 25 avril 2024
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