Akpabio charges African leaders on unity

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Nuckecy 19 December, 2012
Governor Godswill Obot Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State has charged African leaders to be selfless and more committed to the unity of the continent as that was only the way the continent could move away from internal strifes and wars which have over the years bedeviled the continent. Governor Akpabio stated this in his key note address at the breakfast meeting held in honour of the Africa Lifetime Leadership Prize 2012 awardees in Nairobi, Kenya on Saturday. According to Akpabio " the only way  the continent of Africa can move forward and be at par with other continents is for our leaders to be committed and dedicated to the interest of the continent and by so doing, the division among the different countries that make up the continent would be eliminated." He noted that peace can only be achieved in the continent if there is a synergy among the different countries, in the area of intelligence gathering and dissemination so that whatever security challenges that any of the countries in the continent could be facing would be countered with a well coordinated force, adding that we should as a people work for the integration of the whole continent where issues like citizenship and indigeneship would not be a yard stick for African to settle and do genuine business in any part of the continent." Speaking further Akpabio disclosed that for the needed peace in Africa to be achieved, " there is the need for Africans to do away with weak, selfish and corrupt leaders as having these kind of people as leaders will not move the continent forward. Akpabio recommended the Brazilian Agricultural Model to the continent, opining that " if we are able to take care of our food needs there would be less strife and crimes in our continent. Massive agricultural production is the only way to curb insurgences in Africa. Availability of food will to a very large extent, reduce criminality in the continent." Speaking at the event, the Executive chairman of  multi choice DSTV Africa, Mr Nolo Latele, advocated massive media content based on the inherent culture, tradition and language of the continent to other parts of the world, saying"  I strongly advocate for the massive expo of African culture, language and tradition to the outside world on our television stations, in order words massive local content in our programming and broadcast.

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Article publié le lundi 24 décembre 2012
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