Editorial: Towards Tackling National Insecurity

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Nuckecy 11 December, 2012
Insecurity in and at any form spells nothing but doom and does no one any good. To this end and consequent upon this, Nigeria for sometime now had been battling on how to stem the tide to avert doom for the benefit of every Nigerian.  So, to be able to achieve this, the Federal Government had adopted a right direction towards this by treating conflict of any form as a pathological state and sought its causes and treatment like the issue of Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND), Boko Haram which claims that Western Education is evil; corruption in the oil and gas sector, pension scan among other social ills confronting the nation.

Insecurity of any kind is a form of conflict simply defined as a fight or struggle, opposition, disagreement or clash.  It is a coming together to strike … a collision.

Against this backdrop, however, the federal Government in trying to study the problem and justification of the matter had tried its best though some still remained un-solved.

We, therefore, urge that and considering the psychologist, sociologist, anthropologists and political scientists points of view the government should as a matter of fact go beyond these since they are not exhaustive but rather representative of the various schools of thoughts regarding conflict.

Our hunch is that conflict or insecurity is a function of communicative interaction for the conflict to become manifest.  This then reminds of our earlier call for national conference to really understand the conflict situation of the Boko Haram threatening the security situation of the country.

In such a situation, the anthropologist point of view which looks at conflict as a collision of norms or disputes over values, arising either out of behaviour that varies very strongly from selected accepted norms or from introduction of new normative values into an otherwise normal situation or setting could settle the matter nothing that such conflicts need legal solutions.  Law is, therefore, conceived of “as beliefs that have triumphed in the battle of ideas and then translated themselves into action”.

It is, however, not clear why the law or the judiciary is silent or impotent on a matter that threatens the sovereignty of a nation like Nigeria, but only concerns herself with the political scientists point of view which sees conflict as a threat to the maintenance of social order or as a state of “static disequilibrium”.  Their interest here is power and nothing else.

In view of the aforesaid, let the Executive, Judiciary and the Legislative arms of government saving into serious action to arrest the situation and not leaving and making it a Jonathan affair nor relying on the helpless, defenceless and poor masses while the insecurity rages on.

As a further step towards tackling insecurity in the country, all registered political parties should stop considering each other as an opponent be it a winner or looser but as a comrade in the task of building a nation for posterity.

Moreso, the legislature should avoid making unequal laws while the existing ones be strengthened; the executive in its part should not adopt stringent policies in executing projects for mere fact that it has all the powers to do and undo while the judiciary should be fair to all no matter who is who.  Let the law take its course especially when the matter concerned is criminal in nature.  When the judiciary is weak and corrupt, the outside world will consider the whole nation to be so and would make a mockery of the hard earned democratic principles of the country.

“… so help us God”.

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Article publié le lundi 17 décembre 2012
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