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Two beautiful structures have seen the light of day in Widikum to enable children study in conducive environment.

This is in preparation for the 2023/2024 academic year. After a meeting held on July 8, 2023 to ensure a successful takeoff of the school year a team of three was dispatched to lay the groundwork for the reception of the two buildings. Sensitization was also top on the agenda as some parents continue to be skeptical to release their children due to fear of attacks by separatists’ gangs.The section president of the CPDM Akwa Stephen Tambu, talking on the subject has maintained that “children must not be deprived from going to school”. He and other members of the CPDM in the section are putting hands on deck to ensure that schools take off effectively and that students study in a conducive environment. They have continued to remind even those who were mislead to take up arms against the nation that they can regain normal life.The three-man team dispatched to prepare the people for back to school had discussions with the Divisional Officer, traditional rulers, and notables.There was also a widespread conscientization of parents who according to the section president “had become reluctant” to spread the message of peace and to safe the future of the children by sending them to school. According to him “the people we fear so much are our brothers, our children and friends. Let’s take the message of love and peace to them”, he said.To show their seriousness, the team alongside some persons of good will cleaned the premises of the GTHS and GHS. A gesture greatly appreciated by the population. The team reported that a good number of students had been registered in the GTHS and GHS with a prospect for more.They have called on all stakeholders in the section including the senator for Momo, MP for Momo west constituency, the Mayor of Widikum council and deputies, regional councilors, councilors of widikum Boffe council and economic operators to support the children financially or with didactic materials.


Article publié le lundi 18 septembre 2023
540 lectures

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